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ebike conversion

Looking to get yourself more mobile? We work with leading ebike conversion manufacturer Swytch to supply and fit electric bike conversion kits. These are professionally created, purpose built conversion kits, made in the UK to comply with all EAPC and EN standards and cost from just £625!

Here’s the scoop on why the Swytch kit is a game-changer:

  • A Swytch Kit for Every Bike: With the Swytch kit, 99% of bikes can go electric – whether it’s your cool foldable bike or the one you ride to school every day. We’ve got you covered with kits for all, even for the unique wheel sizes or if you fancy keeping your special wheel with our hub-only option.
  • Speed and Ease: Feel the breeze as you glide at speeds up to 25kmph, all thanks to the motorised wheel powered by our neat battery packs. With a pedal sensor that kicks in the moment you start pedalling, it’s like having superpowers at your feet!
  • Tech That Speaks to You: Our kit isn’t just about going electric; it’s about riding smart. The standard display keeps you in the loop about your battery, while the premium options give you all the control and data you’d want.
  • Battery Power Your Way: Choose between the AIR or MAX battery to suit your adventure. Whether it’s a quick sprint to the corner shop or a longer ride to your mate’s house, there’s a battery option that fits. And yes, they’re waterproof!
  • Safety and Standards: Made with pride in the UK, every Swytch kit is not just about fun; it’s about safety and quality, meeting all the tough standards and regulations. Plus, you’re backed by a one-year warranty and Swytch’s team of experts ready to assist.
  • Compatibility and Convenience: From rim to disc brakes, and from trikes to tandems, there’s hardly a bike they haven’t thought of. The Swytch kit adapts to your bike, not the other way around.

A Few Heads-ups:

  • Thru-axles and some very narrow or very wide tyres might not play nicely with the kit
  • If you’re rocking a bike with hub, roller, or coaster brakes, you might need a little tweak to join the Swytch squad
  • Some bikes have designs that don’t leave enough room for the pedal sensor, but we can generally make it work on any bike

Curious? Dive into the world of e-biking without a hassle. Swytch is here to electrify your ride and make every journey an adventure. Reach out if you’ve got questions or if you’re ready to Swytch up your ride!

Key Features:

  • Weight: AIR Battery: 700g, MAX Battery: 1100g
  • Battery Range: AIR: 15 km, MAX: 30 km (extendable with an extra battery)
  • Charge Time: AIR: 1 hour, MAX: 2.5 hours (1.5 hours with fast charger)
  • Compatibility: Fits 99% of bikes, including special sizes and designs
  • Safety Standards: Complies with EAPC, EN standards, and UK safety regulations
  • Warranty: One year on all Swytch kits

Ride into the future with Swytch and transform your biking experience. It’s easy, fun, and totally within your reach. Why wait? Get in touch with us today on ‭07968 628700‬ to discuss electrifying your bike!

All profits from Frome Community Bike Project will go to Frome’s Missing Links who are a local charity working to link up traffic-free routes in and around Frome.